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We Love iPods!
They are the perfect blend of form and function, and they were designed by an Englishman! But joining the MP3 revolution can be a time-comsuming and frustrating exercise. iPod Loader is here to help! Give us your iPod and CD collection and within 5 days we will return it loaded with all of your music!

ipod loaderiPods are super but they are not invincible! They can be broken, drowned and stolen. That's why we offer to keep a FREE backup of all your music just in case! For just 20p per CD we will reload your iPod and bring it back to life!
ipod loader
Let us do the hardwork for you! Just look at the time saved:
- 50 to 199 CDs - 10 to 40 Hours
- 200 to 399 CDs - 40 to 80 Hours
- 400 plus CDs - 80 Hours plus

ipod loaderWe can purchase any music you want from the Apple iTunes Music Store on your behalf. Apple charges just 79p per track and albums start from 7.99.
ipod loader
Large numbers of MP3s can take up a huge amount of much needed space inside your computer. We can save you space by loading your iPod for you, so you never have to connect it to your computer.
ipod loader
There are no hidden fees or charges, we simply charge you per CD processed:
- 50 to 199 CDs - 120p per CD
- 200 to 399 CDs - 100p per CD
- 400 plus CDs - 90p per CD
ipod loader
We will pick up your iPod and CD collection from your home or office in person. If you have any questions about how to get the most out of your iPod, one of our representatives will be more than happy to help.

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